BHSC (POD), Queensland University of Technology

Clare joined the team in 2014. Clare cares for patients of all ages and a variety of lower limb conditions including, postural and gait abnormalities, bone and joint disorders and soft tissue and muscular pathologies.

Clare has also practiced in many aspects of Podiatry including the high risk foot care, home and community care services, prevention, treatment and management of sports and musculoskeletal injuries of the feet and lower limb.

Treatment includes, period, treatment and management of injuries of the junior athlete, exercise prescription, foot strength exercises, return to running programs, dry needling, biomechanical assessments, running and walking video gait analysis, sports foot orthotic therapy, foot orthoses for casual shoes, footwear assessments, running & sports shoe referrals, diabetic foot assessments & care and treatment of conditions of the  toe nails and skin.

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