My name is Dr Alan Fox and I am a Registered Psychologist with some 25 years of experience. I am a new member of the Gold Coast GP Superclinic team and provide a variety of psychological services.


Services to children

Educational issues, behaviour issues, family issues, developmental difficulties, anxiety, depression and general psychological difficulties. I have been an Educational Psychologist with Special Education Services in New Zealand as well as a General Psychologist and Primary School Teacher.


Services to adults

Anger management, anxiety management, depression remediation, general counselling, management of psychiatric issues, pain management, substance abuse issues, obsessive/compulsive issues, body image, relationship issues, health management, and pretty much any general psychological issue.


Services to returned servicemen

PTSD, anger, substance, family issues, general psychological problems. I have provided services to DVA and VVCS clients for some 16 years.


Services to Workcover clients

Pain management, response to injury, workplace bullying, adjustment issues, general issues

Therapies include

CBT, Behaviour Therapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy (not covered by Medicare)


Registered Psychologist

BA, BEd, MEd,PhD, PGDipEDPsych, DipTchng, NZTTC, MAPS

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